My Core Training Modality: Circling Mastery Coaching ​

​​”I was absolutely blown away. He circled me while I was circling him! And ended up giving me more space / awareness / freedom around one of my biggest blocks in leading circles. I seriously recommend taking him up on this!” – Sara Ness,
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​When I work with you, I put attention on the places within you that might not be getting direct attention in any other circumstance, especially when you’re leading Circles. The more that you feel secure within yourself, the more that you feel wholeness, the more at ease you’re going to be. The more open you are, the more available y
ou’re going to be, and the more interested and curious you’re going to be about the other person. You’ll be able to go deeper with them, as deep as you are. Your ease with yourself will entrain safety to the people in your Circle and from there, you create a space that leads to a higher likelihood of profound experience. The ways in which you feel insecure, or are holding back, or are captive to some pattern in your Circling leadership will to show up in everything you do: in your work, in your intimate relationships, in the way you treat yourself. Your congruence or lack of it will impact every area of your life. 

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