(life-coaching testimonials below)

​for Circling Mastery Coaching

Jordan Allen, Partner at Circling Europe, and Co-founder of Circle Anywhere

​”Josh is masterful in his ability to get into your world with you and help you see new possibilities. I can’t see any way that a session with Josh would not give your Circling a significant boost. It was powerful, insightful, relaxing, and enjoyable. As a result of our session, I have even greater freedom when birthday Circling.”

John Thompson, Co-founder of Circling Europe

“What was most valuable was Josh’s ability to keep coming back to the present moment, staying focused on what was true for me (and him) at every step.

Josh brings a welcoming presence that makes it easy to share myself with. I felt trust that I could safely share my feelings with him. He met me and my thoughts with curiosity.

I walked away with even more compassion for myself, and I have been practicing this for many years so it was great to find even more!”
Kevin O’Malley, Course Leader at The Integral Center
 in Circling at ACLIT, 2003-2005

“It was very fruitful. I gained a lot of insight. Josh’s breadth of knowledge and ability to stay both with his experience and his judgments of his experience is valuable. Josh has one of the greatest spans of knowledge in the Circling community and is one of the few people who has worked with every school of Circling. You will learn a lot.”
Chris Gongaware, Co-founder of Authentic Hawaii
Trained in Circling at ICLC 2015/2016


“It was valuable and insightful. It was a privilege to have the focus be on something that I don’t usually focus on in a Circle. We got to focus on something I don’t usually bring out (fear of doing it wrong while leading a Circle), and give it some much-needed attention.

As a result of working with Josh, I pay more attention to that part of me that is afraid of doing it wrong.

It’s super helpful to have focused attention on areas that are not normally seen in a circle, especially when you’re facilitating.”
Peter Griffin
Trained in Circling  at ICLC 2015/2016 and SAS 2016/2017


“I took my first Circling course through Josh. His teaching and training gave me a solid foundation as a Circler. I’ve been amazed at how consistently Josh can tune into the exact spot where my energy feels stuck and where a core belief limits me. I highly recommend the experience of his wizardry and passion around Circling.”
Eugene Peng
Trained in Circling at CFC 2014 and SAS 2014, 2015, and 2016


“I found the coaching with Josh to be illuminating and supportive to my growth in relating. His caring and respectful presence helped allow me to open to a vulnerable process of exploring what holds me back in relating. I appreciated the way he offered direct, honest feedback in service of helping me see how I impact others.

I feel a deep sense of commitment in Josh to the art of Circling and authentic relating. I have a lot of faith in his ability to guide others into embodying more of their true selves in their relating. I feel inspired by his vision for Circling and relating as a natural expression of our true selves. Rock on brother!”
Ryan Brennan, MA in Transpersonal Counseling
Trained in Circling at TCLT 2011 


“I was absolutely blown away. He circled me while I was circling him! And ended up giving me more space / awareness / freedom around one of my biggest blocks in leading circles. I seriously recommend taking him up on this!”
Sara Ness, Founder of Authentic Revolution
Trained in Circling at T3 2013 and SAS 2015


“Mindfully paced and intimate, Josh took me to a deeper sense of self-knowing and acceptance. I loved that the feedback didn’t begin with the feedback round; it began when he showed up with his heart wide open.

As a result of working together, I feel more confident that I bring value. I feel capable of sitting with prospective clients, and trust that showing up as I am is enough.

Josh is both sharp and compassionate, and brings a depth of conversation that will guide you to exactly where you need to go.”
Cindy Riach, Relational Facilitator at Relational Ops
Trained in Circling in 2010


​”I definitely felt Josh’s heart and care for me. I appreciated the presence and focus he gave during our session. I found the feedback on my circling very helpful.

I’ve been much more mindful of how I’m showing up in my conversations with clients and friends as a result of our session. I feel more comfortable with my genuine curiosity.

If you want no-bullshit feedback on how you’re showing up, Josh will give you that. He gives invaluable reflections on how to bring more presence and effective curiosity to your interactions.”
Jeffrey Platts, Dating & Relationship Coach For Men
Trained in Circling at T3, 2011


“I found it illuminating. Josh brought a calm, loving, and open curiosity to both of our experiences in connection. I found I was very willing and able to dive deeper into the layers of my experience in that space. I also got a couple insights that will serve me in my Circling and serve me in connecting more deeply with the people who matter in my life.

I now have more awareness around the ways I avoid truly being vulnerable in connection. I imagine that will eventually open new possibilities for deeper connection.

If you want richer human connection in your life and want to see the ways in which you are denying yourself that, I would say get in touch with Josh!”
Carl Walkey
Trained in Circling at SAS 2014 and T3 2014/2015

“Working with Josh is always enlightening and empowering. I have a sense of him as a co-creator and coach who has the eyes to see what I am doing right, as I learn these new skills – that experience of him is a powerful motivator and trust-builder. 

He has eyes that see details, and the ability to report what he sees in ways that will inspire and challenge you to move forward in, exactly, the ways you want to and naturally can.

From working together, I am opening up and letting go of labels and stories that limit my awareness and development of more and more skillful Circling practices and abilities.”
Pat Coulston
Trained in Circling at SAS 2015



​for Life-Coaching

​“I was just starting out on a new business, and was feeling pretty lost. I had no idea where to start, and I felt mostly overwhelmed and lost in details.

I found working with Josh really helpful for motivation as well as not second-guessing or under-selling myself. Josh is not so much focused on the nuts and bolts of getting things done, but more on the internal barriers that keep people from doing what they are hoping to achieve.

The thing I found most valuable was to look at all parts of me as important to what I’m doing. So for example, identifying the positive role that my Self-Judge voice can play in my life and, at the same time, not letting it overpower me. I also really appreciated the support to take some risks and do things I felt afraid of.

Now I’m feeling very motivated, and have made huge progress on my business. I respond much more intuitively and instinctively, and tend to follow whichever path excites me. I kind of can’t believe how quickly things are coming together, given where I was when we started!”

Brook Thorndycraft, Conflict Resolution Consultant


“Things were great actually: I have been running a successful creative business, had a great work/life balance spending lots of time with my family, traveling the world and going on personal adventures. I’d worked hard to setup a life I would wake up and be excited by every morning. But I wasn’t. I needed to make changes, but the fear of giving up something that was working well and not knowing what directions to take next was frustrating and preventing me from doing so.

Josh helped me find the courage and faith in myself to make changes. He helped me see through the fog and clarify what I really want to do next. We discovered patterns and revealed blocks that I am putting up for myself. He helped me understand my relationships, and accept not only others for who they are but myself for who I am.

Josh is on the journey with you and genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals. Josh is a fantastic listener and would ask just the right questions. His ability to tap into your emotions provides an authentic connection. Each session ends with inspiration and much to reflect on!”

Mark Haak, Partner & Creative Director at Swerve Design & Design for Good


“I was feeling pretty clear about my life direction, but had a few blind spots, and challenges with fully stepping into what I wanted to be doing.

Josh has a very unique and reliable approach, and is able to maintain a fine balance between challenging and gently supporting. Great to work with, regardless of where you’re at.

I feel more clear and confident in the work I’m choosing to do, and have a deeper trust in my own abilities. I feel I’ve gained the awareness to really move through the blocks I was experiencing, and feel like I can dive more fully into my work as a facilitator and coach.”

Mark Boughton, Circling Instructor and life coach
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