The Ten Principles of Circling Wizardry

To practice Circling, we start with the intention of getting more in touch with 1) the Truth of what’s really here and 2) our experience of Togetherness. This is our goal: to experience both Truth and Togetherness in perfect balance, neither one at the expense of the other.

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Favouring Truth, we may discover lots, but the conversation will feel like psychoanalysis or interrogation. Favouring Togetherness, we may feel connected, but the connection will feel hollow or pointless as we miss opportunities to learn and grow.

From here, we begin a Circling conversation based in the following ten principles, each one meant to move us closer to one or both of our two aims. The inner ring forms the non-verbal foundation of the practice, the middle ring represents the details of interaction, and the outer ring finishes with elements of masterful facilitation.​

NOTE: Do not expect yourself to achieve and maintain each principle fully and constantly without fail; that is not possible. Instead, like in breathing, we come towards each principle (the in-breath), knowing we will inevitably be pulled away (the out-breath). Similar to meditating on a point of focus, the practice of Circling is to keep returning to each of the principles.


How to Practice
Embodied Presence
Root your attention into this moment through your sensations and senses.
Bring awareness to your relationship with the other(s), through attention on connection, I-thou relating, and being permeable to the other(s).
Radical Acceptance
Welcome everything—as it is—in yourself and others, including any desire for change
Relax out of striving, pushing, or holding-on to achieve something or get somewhere.
Perceptual Humility
​Notice where you’re making assumptions or assertions, and allow the possibility that you are mistaken.
Seek to recognize how your experience is primarily sourced within you (vs. from the outside), and communicate from this awareness
Shared Reality
​​Speak what’s occurring in the other, yourself, and context, so that we’re all on the same page about what’s happening
​Share what’s alive that has your attention within you.
Context Awareness
Cultivate awareness of what’s happening, how it’s happening, and why, and communicate from this awareness.
Natural Guidance
​​Trust and follow where you’re naturally drawn

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