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“Josh helped me find the courage and faith in myself to make changes. He helped me see through the fog and clarify what I really want to do next. Each session ended with inspiration and much to reflect on!” – Mark Haak, Partner & Creative Director at Swerve Design & Design for Good

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PictureOver the course of my life an ability has made itself known, whereby my deep presence with another creates an opening for transformation in both our lives. This is a capacity we all possess, and part of the work that I do as a coach is to draw your capacity for self-transformation out and into each aspect of your life.

I don’t know too much about you. And I can’t make any sort of accurate guess as to what qualities you possess that make you an optimal client, or myself the most life-altering coach for you. What I know is that the kind alchemy that creates transformation is sourced through tremendously brave forays into the entirety of you. This a place through which I’m able to walk with you, together facing whatever may come up that seems to be in the way of your own infinite potential. I believe in this potential from the start, before we even meet. I believe that anything seemingly in the way is nothing other than part of the wholeness of you, seeking to come home, to be integrated. This kind of integration appears to me to be the key to huge and deeply personal-to-you leaps forward.

How it works: we explore what it’s like to be you in the context of what you want in your life or where you’re stuck. Instead of figuring things out, I work with you to come to your present-moment experience of whatever it is we’re talking about. It’s not “how do we solve this problem”, but rather “what’s it like to experience it in this moment?”  My aim is to sit beside you in your world, not just to understand you, but to feel it with you as it arises moment by moment. This creates the space for revelation, for you to see what you haven’t seen (though it may be right in front of your eyes) or feel what you haven’t felt.


​There are two things that I want as a result of working with you. One, that you are experiencing ever-more thriving and in touch with your innate wholeness, and two, that this thriving creates a change within you, whereby your sense of inner abundance inspires those around you, rippling out into the world.

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