Circling Comprehensive, Level 1



Learn to Access (or Deepen) the Very Magic of Circling for Yourself

“This birds-eye view of the Circling process, led with integrity and respect for principles that deeply support my own safety and freedom to express, has transformed my Circling practice more than any of my previous formal training” 
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Now is your time to take firmer and more confident steps on your path in the Way of Circling.

Train, with an intimate learning community, in the skills and capacities that will open the door for you to be more fully yourself as you connect deeply with the people that matter most to you. Including you.This will be a very experiential course. I will provide just enough tools and principles to get you started, and then fine tune according to your individual needs, as we go along in real time. I want to make sure that your Circling foundations are solid.This is perfect for people who are hungry to learn Circling but can’t or don’t want to take an in-person training.


Being in this micro-community during the course will put you on a developmental fast-track: you are trained through both exercises and coaching and  your perception is heightened as you watch others Circling and being trained in their own facilitation. This combination is the key ​to thorough comprehension in a small amount of time, and the ability to participate in and execute beautiful, real Circles.

 Benefits of Training
Learn to speak more of what’s true for you with less fear
Deepen the positive impact that your presence has on others
Develop your ability to be more with someone in their world
(in a way where they feel you there with them)
Increase your ability to cultivate deeper connections with people
Build more self awareness and insights into your blind-spots
Develop your confidence and leadership capacities with groups
Connect more deeply with yourself and others

Do all this in a way that feels easy, in a way where you can be more fully yourself
“[Josh] has eyes that see details, and the ability to report what he sees in ways that will inspire and challenge you to move forward in, exactly, the ways you want to and naturally can”  
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What to Expect

Thirty hours of live instruction and guided practice
An introduction to the 10 principles of richly alive Circling.
A highly experiential training environment
Individualized focus: I’ll work with you where you’re at

Personalized homework recommendations
Circling cheat-sheet with sentence stems (your training wheels)
Alternate weeks being coached and learning observationally
Practice with other participants between sessions
Sessions will be recorded so you can easily review
Unlimited access to me via FB Message & Voxer
An intimate environment with four participants



There will be ten, 3-hour classes,
Tuesdays7:30 – 10:30 pm, Eastern Time
(4:30 – 7:30 pm Pacific Time)

(**NOTE: there is some flexibility on the day and time of the class)

Feb 6

(two week break)

Feb 20
Feb 27

(two week break)

Mar 13
Mar 20
Mar 27

(two week break)

Apr 10
Apr 17
Apr 24

Final class TBD:

May 1  or  22

(Sessions will be online via Zoom Video Conferencing) 

“Josh has one of the greatest spans of knowledge in the Circling community and is one of the few people who has worked with every school of Circling. You will learn a lot.”  
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Early Bird:  944 CAD (~744 US), if paid by Dec 10

Regular Course Fee:  1077 CAD (~844 US), if paid after


(Payment plans and AR community-leader discounts are available.)

So that I can deliver maximum value, my minimum expectations are that you:

– Attend sessions in full their duration, and arrive a few minutes early
​- Do at least 1 hour per week of Circling practice with a partner
– Between sessions-read each class’s handout before the class begins

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