Circling Comprehensive, ​Level 2



The world needs what we have to give.  It’s time to level up.

“I’ve been amazed at how consistently Josh can tune into the exact spot where my energy feels stuck ​and where a core belief limits me. I highly recommend the experience of his wizardry and passion for Circling”
Eugene Peng, former student and SAS graduate
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I’ve spent years preparing myself to be able to teach exactly how a Circling facilitator can go from competent to masterful. My Circling Comprehensive Level 2 training is designed to move you from competency to mastery. It’s designed to help you make Circling your own.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You’ve come far in your training. You’ve gained skills and you can lead a decent Circle! And yet, you sense inside you that this isn’t quite it. Your Circles may resemble those of your teachers, but they feel flat or somehow unsatisfying. Or you manage to produce powerful experiences once in a while, with no idea how you did it or how to consistently replicate it. You may even be questioning if the magic of this stuff is real or if you’ve been fooling yourself this whole time. “Is that it?” “Am I doing it right?”

This was me just a few years ago.

Initially stoked to get trained in this incredible practice, my passion gave way to frustration, exhaustion, and discouragement. I couldn’t quite do it the way my teachers had. And I really tried. The people I Circled often confirmed that what I was doing was having a positive impact on them… and yet… I felt empty. High investment of effort, but little return.  I lost my enthusiasm. Even though people were telling me I was good, I didn’t quite believe them. My Circles felt like a lot of work, and even when facilitating someone through a deep experience, I tended to feel more like an outside observer than a companion. I started to wonder if any of this was real. If any of this was worth it.

That’s when I started to branch out. Trained initially by one Circling school, I began supplementing my Circling education from not only the other two major institutions, but also via my own personal study (and my very talented Satir therapist).  I discovered the missing pieces. I found the elements that made me come alive… and over the course of about a year, I started to actually enjoy myself!

But here’s the kicker. As I started to enjoy myself more, I majorly up-levelled the potency of my Circles; I went from competent to masterful. The process of relaxing more into myself freed me up to access so much more of this seemingly-elusive magic.

I’m really excited about this training because I want to help you do the same. We all have the capability to connect with each other as masters, and this course draws on my depth of experience and clarity in order to get you there, where you want to be. Or at least a hell of a lot closer.


In order to join this advanced program, you must 

  • have completed a Circling Wizardry Training (Learn-to-Circle or Circling Comprehensive Level 1),
  • OR have graduated, or are close to graduating, an in-person training (T3, SAS, AoC, TCLT, ICLC, or BCT),
  • OR demonstrate equivalent competency leading a birthday Circle.

“Josh took me to a deeper sense of self-knowing and acceptance. Josh is both sharp and compassionate, and brings a depth of conversation that will guide you to exactly where you need to go.”
Cindy Riach, Relational Facilitator at Relational Ops 

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Benefits of Training
Unlock the specific places you keep getting stuck
Speak more of what’s true for you with less fear
Deepen the positive impact that your presence has on others
Enhance your ability to be more with someone in their world
(in a way where they feel you there with them)
Increase your ability to cultivate deeper connections with people
Build more self awareness and insights into your blind-spots
Develop your confidence and leadership capacities with groups
Connect more deeply with yourself and others

Do all this in a way that feels easy, in a way where you can be more fully yourself
“I was absolutely blown away. [It] ended up giving me more space /
awareness / freedom around one of my biggest blocks in leading circles.” 

Sara Ness, founder of Authentic Revolution  
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What to Expect
Thirty-six hours of live instruction and guided practice
A deep exploration of the 10 principles of Circling Wizardry.
Longer deeper training Circles to help you work through your blocks
Special topics, including: Trauma and Triggers
A highly experiential training environment
Individualized focus: I’ll work with you where you’re at

Personalized homework recommendations
Alternate weeks being coached and learning observationally
Practice with other participants between sessions
Sessions will be recorded so you can easily review
Unlimited access to me via FB Message & Voxer
An intimate environment with four participants
 There will be twelve, 3-hour classes,
Note: the class structure is being changed.
Stay tuned for updates.
(**NOTE: final day/time TBD based on student availability.
The day of the week has not been set.)​
on/around the weekend of:


New dates TBA

(Sessions will be online via Zoom Video Conferencing) 

“Josh is masterful in his ability to get into your world with you and help you see new possibilities.”
John Thompson, co-founder of Circling Europe 

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Early Bird:  1,150 CAD (~900 US), if paid by TBD

Regular Course Fee:  1,290 CAD (~1,010 US), if paid after

(Payment plans and AR community-leader discounts are available.)

So that I can deliver maximum value, my minimum expectations are that you:
– Attend sessions in full their duration, and arrive a few minutes early   
– Do at least 1 hour per week of Circling practice with a partner, between sessions

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