About Josh


Picture​I am putting out into the world the things I need to see in the world to help me feel safe and connected. So I am my own best client. I want to be Circled by a whole bunch of the very best Circlers. The reason that I can hone in on congruence and dissonance and wholeness comes from a survival mechanism from my childhood. I am aware of the lack of those things in me and that the desire to grow this work in the world is very selfish. If there are others out there like me, who are full of relentless wonder about their own programming, who are filled with curiosity and sniffing for the truth, I hope they also benefit from a world of connection. I hope they strive forward in friendship with the defeat and helplessness that can accompany even the greatest success. I work with you the way I want to be worked with, and as a person who is not social by nature, I find myself loving those I work with deeply in the moment. This is my complicated heart. 

2011 Co-founded Authentic Relating Toronto
2012 Graduated T3, Integral Center, certified by Decker Cunov
2013 Contributed to Circling Certification Criteria, T3, Integral Center, Boulder
2013 T3 weekends, Assistant Course Lead, Boulder
2013 Aletheia, Assistant Course Lead, North Carolina
2014 Co-developed Circling Certification criteria for Authentic Relating Toronto, and certified eight Circling leaders.
2014 T3 weekends, Assistant Course Lead, Boulder
2014 Authentic Man Program, Assistant Course Lead, Boulder
2014 Two Circling Immersions led by Sean Wilkinson and John Thompson of Circling Europe, Assistant Course Lead, Toronto
2014-2015 Co-produced and co-led the Circling Fundamentals Course, which ran three times and graduated 19 participants, Toronto
2015 SAS Advanced Leadership Training, Circling Europe, certified Level 2 by Sean Wilkinson
2015 Co-led the Ottawa Circling Immersion with Sara Ness
2015-2016 Integrative Circling Leadership Training, led by Sara Ness and Jordan Allen, Assistant Course Lead, Austin (with contributions from the Integral Center, the Circling Institute, and Circling Europe)
2016 Aletheia, Assistant Course Lead, San Francisco
2017 Founded The School of Circling Wizardry