One-on-One Circling Mastery Coaching


​”I was absolutely blown away. [It] ended up giving me more space /
awareness / freedom around one of my biggest blocks in leading circles.” 

Sara Ness, founder of Authentic Revolution
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You Circle me. I Circle (and supportively coach) you on your Circling. This is a unique opportunity to explore what happens within you as you Circle and unlock the places you get tied up in knots.

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Benefits of Training
Unlock the specific places you get stuck in facilitating
Learn to speak more of what’s true for you with less fear
Deepen the positive impact that your presence has on others
Develop more self-compassion and congruence
Develop your ability to be more with someone in their world
(in a way where they feel you there with them)
Increase your ability to cultivate deeper connections with people
Build more self awareness and insights into your blind-spots
Improve your skillfulness through being more of yourself!
What to Expect
Live personal instruction and guided practice

Individualized focus: I’ll work with you where you’re at
Personalized homework recommendations
Unlimited access to me via FB Message & Voxer (Sessions will be online via video conferencing)


“Mindfully paced and intimate, Josh took me to a deeper sense of self-knowing and acceptance. Josh is both sharp and compassionate, and brings a depth ​of conversation that will guide you to exactly where you need to go.”
– Cindy Riach, Relational Facilitator at Relational Ops

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